Chocolate covered marshmallow "Ice Cream" SHARMEL 250г/8,8 oz

Chocolate covered marshmallow "Ice Cream" 250 gr / 8,7 oz / Confectionery factory "Udarnitsa". It's soft, fluffy marshmallow glaze from a gorgeous dark chocolate

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At the heart of this light delicacy natural Apple puree, egg white, agar-agar, a unique useful substance that is obtained from seaweed. Creamy range of flavors of marshmallow "Charmel" is perfectly combined with chocolate glaze.

Cocoa products in chocolate at least 56%. Ingredients : Dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, emulsifier - sunflower lecithin, natural flavor); sugar; molasses; Apple puree; egg dry protein; gelling agent - furcellarin (furcellaria agar); acidity regulator - sodium citrate; flavor.