Pastille «With Vanilla flavor» SHARMEL 221g

Pastille "With Vanilla aroma" Sharmel 221 g. Confectionery " Udarnitsa" Pastille - a light sweetness, which is made from whipped into a foam Apple puree with the addition of fresh protein.

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Pastille is produced by the Confectionery factory "Udarnitsa" since 1929. This light sweetness is made from Apple puree whipped into foam with the addition of fresh protein. The high content of Apple puree gives the pastille "Charmel" a slightly creamy shade. This combination gives the delicacy extraordinary tenderness and lightness.

Ingredients: sugar; Apple puree; molasses; powdered sugar; gelling agent — agar; egg dry protein; Apple powder; acidity regulators — lactic acid, sodium citrate; flavor.