Pearl barley in bags for cooking "Uvelka" 400g

Prepare pearl barley in cooking bags TM "Uvelka". Cooking cereal in bags is easy - because the cereal does not burn, there is no need to stand at the stove and stir, the pan remains clean. In the process of production of pearl barley TM "Uvelka" retains all the nutrients and useful properties. Pearl barley contains vitamins B, E, A, D. pearl Barley improves digestion and well-being, increases efficiency. Pearl barley contains selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant. Pearl barley is rich in phosphorus, which is necessary for normal metabolism and absorption of calcium.

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Ingredients: pearl barley
Net weight: 400 g (5 × 80g)
Nutritional value. In 100 g of product contains: protein 10.0%, fat 1.0%, carbohydrate - 75,0%.
Energy value - 1 470,0 (350,0) kJ (kcal)
Cooking time: 40 - 45 min.
Shelf life - 18 months.